Getting Around on the Cheese Trail: Use our Google Map Routes

Easy to use Google Map Routes of the Cheese Trail are at your fingertips. Read on! Don't see what you want? Email us and we'll create a custom one. 

Google Map Routes of the Oxford County Cheese Trail

Need some help making your way around The Oxford County Cheese Trail?  Look no further.  The maps below have driving routes (open them in Google and you can customize them)!  Read on for a few different options.

Know what you're looking for? Skip ahead.

Route 1: All stops

Ooh so you're looking for it all! No limits, no boundaries, just EVERYTHING. On this map, you'll find all the locations of all the stops along the Oxford County Cheese Trail. You can't possibly do this all in one day but we'd love to have you stay a little longer. 

Route 2: Customize by Cheese Makers or Shops

A purist eh? For those who want the cheese, the whole cheese and nothing but the cheese, here are the four cheese makers on the trail. 

Route 3: Brews & Brie

This route takes you on a fun day with friends around the Cheese Trail.  For the full itinerary, check out our blog.

Route 4: Family Fun That Couldn't Be Feta!

Looking for a fun outing with the family? The Oxford County Cheese Trail has you covered. Check out the itinerary and then come back to use the driving route.

Route 5: A Couple's Culinary Getaway

Get away with your sweetheart on the Cheese Trail for true culinary experiences.  Use our itinerary or make your own.  Haven't you heard? Rural is the new romantic.

What are the best days to try the trail?

You can explore the Cheese Trail any day! That being said, cheese factory tours are currently available for Saturdays only. It's also important to note that several stops are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Do I have to purchase a pass?

Nope! The Cheese Trail is self-exploratory meaning you go to whichever stops you want to visit during regular visiting hours. Cheese Trail offers are available for purchase.

I'm still overwhelmed by the info. Can you help me plan my trip?

Absolutely! We're in the office Monday-Friday between 8 am and 4 pm. Send us an email and try to give us a week's notice before your trip if possible.

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