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Micro-Highland Cow Experience

Micro-Highland Cow Experience

An unforgettable experience with a lovable creature on the farm.

Your journey begins with a warm introduction to Highland Cattle affectionately named “Hairy Coos” (said with a thick Scottish accent). The gentlest of all cattle, our knowledgeable guides will share fascinating insights into the history, characteristics, and care of these beautiful highland cows.

You’ll have the opportunity to interact and engage with Muriel the cutest micro highland cow you will ever meet. You will be able to feed her her favorite treats, gently stroke her fluffy coats, and even take memorable photographs with her. You might even get to take her for a little stroll if she is feeling up to it!
As you spend time with these lovable creatures, you’ll witness their curious and playful personalities, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


Things to Note


Price: $200 CAD, Up to 4 People | Add 2 Additional people to your group for $50
Duration: 45 minutes

To make it even more memorable this experience will be private only for your group to a maximum of 6 people as to not overwhelm Muriel.