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Green Travel

Help us keep Oxford beautiful.

Get creative ideas and handy tips for going green in Oxford.

In Oxford, preserving our vast wildlife, rural routes and overall environment is important to our tourism.  Through the Future Oxford campaign, Oxford is taking environmental preservation seriously and taking steps towards sustainability.  Recently, we’ve been named the first Canadian Tourism Office to receive a Gold Level Certificate in Green Tourism. So what does that mean?

Local Food

We're keeping things local. Our local food scene is very important to us.  From field to fork, promoting our Oxford farmers, food producers, markets and restaurants will always be important to us.  Come taste what food fresh from the field tastes like when you visit our agricultural hub.  From local artisan cheeses to meats, produce and craft beer, you'll love the farm-fresh taste.

Reducing Waste

We're reducing our waste. In Oxford, we're making a conscious effort to reduce the amount of waste we create.  We used vegetable-based inks and FSC paper for all our major publications.  We’ve also reduced the number of hard copy brochures we send out each year and the amount that we take in from other tourism destinations.  Additionally, we’re composting and redistributing as much waste as possible in the county building and we’re proud to host Zero Waste events.

Cyclist and Walker Friendly

We’re cyclist and walker-friendly.  From our extensive trail networks and road routes for cyclists to the carefully curated cyclist and walking itineraries on our website, we’re trying to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.  We provide tools and tips for cycling trips, have water refill stations and bike storage and much more.  Plan your next cycling trip in Oxford or download this PDF and use our public transit.

Capacity Building

We're paying attention to capacity and tourism with meaning. Our focus on experiential tourism and capacity means we won't send hundreds of people to a farm that can't handle the numbers or a beautiful landscape with no parking. You won't find us geotagging our backroads or places that can't handle the volume. On the flip side, we are passionate about working with businesses to create bookable experiences that showcase their passion for what they do. See what we mean on our experiences page.