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Springbank Snow Countess

Snap your photo with the legendary Springbank Snow Countess monument.  In 1933 she broke the world record for butterfat production and held the record for 21 years.  The Snow Countess statue is located on the original site of her home, Springbank Farm, which was known world wide for their cattle breeding program. Taking a photo with the Countess has become a tradition for visitors to Woodstock.  She is located on the corner of  Dundas St and Springbank Ave (parking access on Springbank Ave).  Stop and snap a picture with the fairest bovine of them all and share it with #DairyCapital.  It's udderly fantastic. 

Cheese Trail Offer: Roadside Photo Opportunity

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Corner of Springbank Ave & Dundas St, woodstock City of Woodstock


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