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Grand Experiences Outdoor Adventure Company

Experience the great outdoors with Grand Experience Outdoor Adventure Company.

Discover Beautiful Southwestern Ontario with an Outdoor Adventure

Grand Experiences is an outdoor adventure outfitter running paddling, hiking and cycling adventures plus themed Indigenous adventures in Southern Ontario, Canada. Additionally, they run canoe and kayak instruction courses plus sell Canadian-made canoes and kayaks. 

They are an award-winning outdoor adventure company providing adventures in two World Biospheres and along a Canadian Heritage River.

From hiking the Niagara Escarpment's Bruce Trail to paddling Long Point Bay & Big Creek on Ontario's South Coast and experiencing the Grand, Nith & Conestogo Rivers, to cycling through St. Jacob's Mennonite Country and paddling the Otter Creek in Oxford County, experience the Great Canadian Outdoors, differently.

What to Expect

In Oxford County, Grand Experiences offers up a number of ways to explore both the Nith River and Otter Creek by water, foot and bike. Their Upper Nith River Experience is a five-hour guided paddling trip with certified Paddle Canada Guides who will teach you the ins and outs of paddling everything from calm and serene waters to some more challenging and interesting spots.

With chilled-out pools, swift waters and gorgeous historic iron bridges, you'll be amazed by the things you find along the Nith. After paddling, head up onto a stone beach as your guide shares some thrilling historic tales and you rest.

This experience includes all of your gear and shuttle to the launch site and pics of your trip taken by your guide. Best enjoyed April-June, it's a truly wonderful way to experience the powerful Nith River. 

New in 2021, The Otter Creek Experience is a five-hour guided paddling trip along with one of the southernmost canoe routes in Ontario. This winding creek was used by Indigenous tribes pre-1650 and then settlers in the 1800s.

Unfortunately, it was largely forgotten after that except for by a few locals for almost 180 years! Well- Grand Experiences is picking it back up. With calm, slow-moving water and the off swift, this Carolinian-forest-lined route is a great way to see Oxford from a different angle.

Paddle past old-growth forests, historic buildings and iron bridges. This paddle is best for intermediate paddlers and offers up a wonderful day in rural Oxford. This experience includes your boat and all paddling gear, a shuttle to the launch site and certified guides. 

Finally, the Nith River hiking experience is a winter activity you're going to want to book this year. Discover a path less travelled as you explore the natural areas along the Nith River. This tributary of the Grand River and part of a designated Canadian Heritage River is home to some of Southern Ontario's largest forests.

Experience hiking in hidden valleys lost in time with unknown and untouched beauty. Meander through southern Ontario as you discover the folklore along with riverside settlements, are amazed by nature and even find some sites many locals don't know about.

Lucky past adventurers have had some terrific wildlife sightings as they took part in animal tracking and explored different habitats. You'll even uncover an old trapper's learn-to and a pioneer cabin foundation in the forest. Finally, cozy up around a campfire for a warm lunch of delicious maple chilli. Sounds kind of perfect, eh? 




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