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Soap & Solace Experience

Explore with your hands as you smell, feel and craft your own batch of artisan soap with Danielle Paluska of Wild Comfort Body Care.

Craft Your Own Soap in this Unique Experience

Spend time creating with your hands and leave with a really great take-away to remember your time by!

About the Soap & Solace Experience

Sometimes it just takes the right catalyst for oil and water to mix. Learn what it means to find comfort in the creative process as you create your own soap with Danielle Paluska of Wild Comfort Body Care.

Step into the role of a soapmaker. Danielle will help you to bring the ingredients to life as you craft the soap in her beautiful rural shoppe. You'll take home the soap to cure, cut and eventually enjoy and reminisce on all you've learned.

The day isn't done there. You'll get to felt your own soap to bring home as well so you can enjoy your creativity right away. Unplug and relax as you get a little messy and find some inner peace.

Important Info

Wild Comfort Body Care takes bookings Sunday-Tuesday. You can signup on their website.   The cost is $100/person and Danielle accepts groups of 2-4 people to book together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers!

Is there an age limit on this experience?

The Soap and Solace Experience is appropriate for ages 18+.  If you would like to include younger people in an experience at Wild Comfort one can be adapted from this and they also offer alternative activities.  Please contact Wild Comfort directly for alternatives.

What is the cost of the experience?

The cost is $100/person and Danielle accepts groups of 2-4 people to book together. 

Will we be using lye? Is it dangerous? Is using lye soap safe?

We will be making cold processed soap which does include using Lye.  
We supply all safety equipment as well as closely monitored use of lye.  It is required that all participants wear closed-toed shoes as well as long pants and long-sleeved shirts to ensure safety.

A well-formulated recipe ensures that all the lye reacts with fatty acids and therefore there is no lye in the finished product. Just Soap.

Will I know how to make soap on my own after this experience?

After this experience you will have the basic knowledge of how soap is made from formulating a recipe to choosing scent and colour.  The experience is a blend of technical information as well as a creative experience.  

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